Boot fitting

Due to social distancing guidelines, we have temporarily changed the way we fit and sell boots. As a result, we can't offer our full fit guarantee. Full details will be available from our in-store team when we reopen.


Our legendary boot room

George Fisher legendary boot room

At the heart of George Fisher is our legendary Boot Room, where generations of hill walkers have come from around the UK to have footwear fitted by our expert staff.

Everyone's feet are different. We all have a unique configuration to the 26 bones and 150 ligaments that make up a foot. Wide, narrow, shallow, pronated or supinated feet - they are all part of the jigsaw. Boot manufacturers try to create footwear that works for the greatest number of people, however there's no such thing as an average fit. Or an average foot, for that matter.

At George Fisher it's our job to make sure that you get absolutely the best advice on your footwear, and in our boot department the staff are hugely experienced. They visit manufacturers' factories to see how each company constructs their products.  Outdoor enthusiasts themselves, our staff constantly test different models and our buyers source footwear from many different brands, giving a range of options whatever the activity. This allows us to recommend footwear that will fit properly and will be absolutely suited to your activity ... and your feet.

View our full range of footwear for Men, Women and Children and check out our Junior Boot Exchange for those ever growing feet!  Every month we welcome Andrew Stanley, our instore podiatrist, see our events for his next visit.

Correct Fit Guarantee

All this, ski boots included, is backed up by our correct fit guarantee. We hope that between us we have made a good choice in the selection of your footwear.  If, after using your footwear for a while, your feet are uncomfortable, please contact us as soon as possible.  If we cannot resolve the problem, we will refund an appropriate amount that reflects the condition of the boots and the length of time you've had them.  Ask in-store for more details.

Ski boot assessment and fitting

Ski boot assessment and fitting at George Fisher


Are you a 1st time skier? or need to replace your existing ski boots? and want to make your holiday experience one to remember? Then come to us and we will help you select the right boot for your feet and level of skiing.

When you have your ski boots fitted at George Fisher, we will take the same pride and attention to detail as we do with our walking boot fitting service.

With ski boot fitting, we need plenty of time (allow up to 2 hours) to:

  • Establish what kind of skier you are
  • Assess your feet
  • Custom make or fit stabilising footbeds
  • Shell check the options
  • Spend time in the boot flexing in a binding for a real world feeling
  • Heat fit
  • Deal with any other modifications that are required

View our full range of ski boots for Men, Women and Children, and remember that our Junior Boot Exchange is applicable to children's ski boots too!

Time well spent in the shop means time enjoyed more on the slopes!

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