Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand
Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand Hilleberg Tent Kaitum 4 GT Sand
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A remarkable, two door/two vestibule tent that offers maximum usable space and remarkable strength in an incredibly lightweight package. FREE FOOTPRINT with this Hilleberg tent.Kaitum & Kaitum GTRemarkable, two door/two vestibule tents that offer maximum...

A remarkable, two door/two vestibule tent that offers maximum usable space and remarkable strength in an incredibly lightweight package.

FREE FOOTPRINT with this Hilleberg tent.

Kaitum & Kaitum GT

Remarkable, two door/two vestibule tents that offer maximum usable space, outstanding comfort, and excellent strength in incredibly lightweight packages.

While both the Kaitum and the extended vestibule Kaitum GT were conceived as Ultralight complements to the Keron and Keron GT, the Kaitum models easily stand on their own merits.

About Kaitum & Kaitum GT
Both the two- and three-person Kaitum versions and their GT counterparts are ideal for trips where light weight is a higher priority than maximum strength and where extra comfort is important, but where true all-season, all-weather capability is still a necessity.

The Kaitum and Kaitum GT’s ultralight Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric and DAC Featherlite NSL 9 mm poles keeps total weight to a minimum while providing all-condition strength, and the proven two door/two vestibule tunnel tent design also provides outstanding comfort and flexibility.

Both are ideal for mobile adventures that involve moving camp frequently, and both are equally well-suited for long and short adventures. The Kaitum and Kaitum GT are outstanding for use in protected terrain in any weather, and both are also easily robust enough to handle use in exposed and/or above tree-line terrain in all but the worst conditions.

And both the Kaitum and Kaitum GT are excellent for warm weather endeavors, since the front section of both the standard and the extended vestibules can be completely rolled away for maximum air flow.

Kaitum Users
Because of their two door/two vestibule configuration and their ultralight materials and construction, the Kaitum and Kaitum GT provide a stunning balance of super light weight, overall comfort and high strength.

Backpackers love the Kaitum’s light weight and remarkable roominess, as do paddle and bicycle tourers, who also appreciate its small packed size.

Winter campers, and climbers favor the Kaitum because of its all-season strength (and, of course, its low weight). And taller users will find the Kaitum’s plentiful floor space, vertical entrances, and vertical walls a roomy pleasure.

The Kaitum GT goes one spacious step further with its extended vestibule, and so will appeal to those adventurers – including backpackers, winter campers, climbers, bicycle or paddle tourers – who want more room and flexibility.

Without a big weight increase, the GT versions offer both a regular-sized vestibule, and an extended one, which has two entrances, one on the side and one up front, on the opposite side.

Indeed, while in development, the Kaitum GT quickly became the tent of choice for multi-day ski tours, since it offers so much more space for both gear storage and food preparation with such little weight penalty.

Kaitum: ultralight comfort
When Hilleberg first conceived of the Kaitum, our thought was to create “an ultralight Keron.” They did take what we have learned from the Keron – clean lines, easy to pitch and use design – and ported that knowledge into an ultralight package.

But the final Kaitum and Kaitum GT models quickly proved that they were completely their own unique creations. Certainly Keron DNA is clearly evident in both the Kaitum and the extended vestibule (GT) version.

Their two door/two vestibule tunnel design offers excellent stability, exceptional roominess and, thanks to two vents in the outer tent and two large inner tent doors, superb venting. But there is some Nallo genetic material in the mix, as well.

Both the Kaitum and the Kaitum GT have slightly sloping roofs, going from full sitting height at the en-trances to slightly taller in the middle. Both their standardsized vestibules can be completely rolled away for maximum views and venting.

The Kaitum GT, like the Nallo GT, also has two entrances on its extended vestibule. This offers outstanding flexibility, since at least one tent entrance can always be out of the wind, and both venting and access options are increased.

In addition, the front section of the extended vestibule can be fully rolled to the side.

Explore our website for the largest range of Hilleberg tents in the UK, or visit our store in Keswick to pitch one for yourself and see how it would meet your camping needs.

Kaitum & Kaitum GT range of Red Label tents
2, 3 & 4 person
Very roomy yet remarkably light and strong two vestibule all-season tents.
The Kaitum and Kaitum GT models are highly versatile all-season tents. Providing a superb balance of remarkably light weight, comfort, and high strength, they are an excellent choice for those who prefer the flexibility of a two entrance, two vestibule design, but don’t necessarily require the extra strength of Black Label Keron models. For those wanting even more space, the Kaitum GT model’s extended vestibule offers that with very little weight pen­alty. The standard sized vestibules can be fully rolled away for tremendous venting, while the GT’s extended vestibule has an entrance on each side for more entry/exit and venting options. Its front section can also be rolled back to create a very protected “covered porch.”
Backpackers, paddle tourers and cyclists will appreciate the Kaitum’s roominess, light weight, and small packed size. Hunters, winter campers, ski tourers, and climbers will favor its all-season strength and impressive space to weight ratio, and taller users of all types will find the Kaitum models a roomy pleasure. The four-person Kaitum 4 and Kaitum 4 GT are both perfect for backpacking families, couples who camp with their dogs, or anyone looking for a roomy but remarkably lightweight 4-person tent.
“Kaitum” is named after a beautiful lake and river in northern Sweden.

Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric and 9 mm poles make for a very lightweight yet supremely stable tent.
All season construction: outer tent walls extend to the ground and mesh areas are backed with adjustable fabric panels.
Tunnel construction offers maximum space to weight ratio and is the ideal choice for mobile journeys.
Both Kaitum and Kaitum GT have plenty of room for the stated number of occupants and their gear.
Linked but separable inner and outer tent for simultaneous pitching.
Tunnel design requires only four pegs for pitching, and the simple, single-opening, continuous sleeve and pole tensioner pole system is quick to pitch and remarkably stable.
Dual entrances ensure that one door can always be situated out of the wind and provide flexible entry/exit options.
One standard and one extended vestibule in the Kaitum GT afford even more gear storage and comfort.
An optional footprint covers the entire area of the outer tent, including the vestibules. It connects directly to the tent, and can be left attached during pitching.
The outer and inner tents can be used separately. Pitching the inner tent alone requires 6 optional pole holders.

Hilleberg Tent  Kaitum 4 GT Sand

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