Sitting with distractions

When working with dogs that display behaviour problems such as aggression, chasing or attention seeking, it is rare that I see dogs that can sit with distractions. Yet a solid sit with distractions so often makes managing any behaviour problems easier, and this seemingly simple behaviour goes a long way...

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Our fourth and final 60th Anniversary Competition Winner is Vicky Hart

The winner of our fourth and final 60th Anniversary Competition is Vicky Hart. with this lovely story below and photo to the right. The Lake District has a special place in my heart. My (now) husband and I had our first date in the Lakes. Then we got married there,...

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Fisher's Favourites - Alex and Flo

Today’s Fisher’s Favourite are Liz’s cousins Alex and Flo. Alex is Producer at the Bush Theatre in London. He’s also won awards as an independent producer and prior to the Bush worked for a production company, latterly putting on a play with David Tennant in the West End. Alex has...

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Fisher's Favourites - Gwen Moffat

For the 10th of September our Fisher's Favourite is climber, mountain guide, and writer Gwen Moffat. 

Gwen was born in 1924, and started climbing in North Wales when she was 21. 
In 1953 she became the first female British Mountain Guide, and went on climb in Britain from Cornwall to...

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Fisher's Favourites - Yvonne Booth

Our Fisher's Favourite for 6th of September sees us show off Yvonne Booth. In 2010 Yvonne's husband Duncan, a former George Fisher employee, elite rock climber, and primary school teacher, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As a wife and mother of three sons, Yvonne wanted to do something positive and...

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This Month's Walk: Clough Head and Stybarrow Dodd

We’ve linked up with, the website for people who love walking but want to reduce their impact on the environment, to bring you this great walk. Get Outside with Britain on FootBritain on Foot is an initiative with one clear objective; to encourage people to get active outdoors. It’s all...

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A top up

I couldn’t have had a more disrupted year; flooded by Storm Desmond in December, and my bunion removed in February. The latter my friends thought very amusing, as George Fisher has a large sign in the window stating, “Put your feet in our hands. Feet come in all shapes and...

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Meindl boot & shoe grades

Meindl boot & shoe grades - a Lake District perspective from George Fisher Whether you look on Meindl's UK website or their German one, the wording about the suitability of their boots & shoes is fairly subjective.  Here's a helpful guide to the kind of 3-season* walking that your Meindl...

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While Wandering

When I coddiwomple I tend to daydream and disappear off to fanciful places in my mind. Sorry, coddiwomple, (v.) to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination. It’s a wonderful word isn’t it? I stumbled upon it recently. It probably sums up how a great many of us spend...

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