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Winter Walking in the Cairngorms - Athena Mellor

As we approached the Cairngorms National Park at dusk one evening in mid-January, we were astonished by the amount of snow that blanketed the surrounding hills. Driving up the tiny forest track to the wooden ‘wigwam’ that my sister, Amira, and I had booked to stay in for the week...

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winter climbing lake district

Wes Hunter is a local Mountain Instructor (MIC) who provides outdoor activity courses all year round. In this blog, Wes talks us through some of his tips and tricks for winter climbing in the UK. From how to read the weather and stay safe, to advice on the equipment and...

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back packs

I have been contributing to The Update since I qualified as a Mountain Guide back in 1992. I was recently reading some of the articles I wrote in the early days, and there was one article in particular which explained about how to keep the weight of your rucksack to...

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Weather Forecasts? Don't Trust them!

Our day started at 3am. By 9pm that same day, we were still carefully finding our way off the glacier, having just climbed one of the truly great Alpine peaks. We were soaking wet, tired, but more or less safe. We had experienced what is euphemistically known as a “Quality...

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A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

GRAHAM THOMPSON, Technical Editor of Trail Magazine is also a fully qualified pet behaviour counsellor. This month: A dog is for life, not just for Christmas Whether it’s a car sticker, leaflet or TV advertising, the words “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” are hard to miss...

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Middle Aged Male Madness

At the end of this week, 6pm on Friday, with a very-apposite Nessun Dorma ringing in his ears and somewhere towards the back of 350 or so 'runners', my husband Martin will be heading off from Coniston to run to, er, Coniston. It's a mostly middle-aged-male form of madness that...

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A rare visit to Derwent Island

Derwent Water by Keswick has four islands: Derwent, Lord's, Rampsholme and St. Herbert's. Apart from Derwent Island, which is a private residence, boat users are welcome to land on the islands, but not to stay overnight or light any fires. As Derwent Island is privately owned the opportunity doesn't come...

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Bonkers about Bothies?

If you are unfamiliar with bothies, they are small buildings in remote settings, scattered throughout the upland regions of Britain, but mostly concentrated in Scotland. Often former shepherds huts or crofts, they are simple buildings, perhaps of only one room. They are left open for the use of anyone wanting...

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Big Bang Theory | George Fisher

Grouse shooting and fireworks can frighten your dog on a walk, so it pays to think ahead. From the Glorious Twelfth through to the New Year’s Eve, gunfire and fireworks can cause pet dogs to run away from their owners on a walk, get lost in the countryside and in...

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