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Beth Pipe reports on Patagonia Worn Wear & Fix the Fells Walk

My mum was from the "Make do and Mend" generation. I can clearly recall her darning tights and fixing holes in socks. She bought up 3 kids on a wing and a prayer and could whip up a dinner from a couple of pigs trotters and a few spuds (I'm...

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The Worst and Best of Humanity

Those of you who follow George Fisher UK on social media will know that we use these channels to share our enthusiasm for spending time outdoors - we try to reflect the sense of fun & friendship we have when dealing with our colleagues & customers in our bricks &...

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I have a question for you; is your social media content a by-product of your outdoor activity or is it the motivation for your outdoor activity? You see, many people now measure the success of their day out as much by online adoration as they do by actual personal achievement....

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Chilly on Kili

In January I went to climb in East Africa, and started off by ‘warming up’ on Kilimanjaro. It didn’t entirely go to plan… The trip didn’t get off to the best start. I was delayed, and arrived at Heathrow eight hours late. I found a new flight to Kilimanjaro International and actually...

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I ski a lot, usually over a hundred days a season.  Most of it is off-piste; sometimes in marvelous conditions, sometimes not.  Of course this is a good job. But it is suddenly not good when your knees start screaming with pain and you have to continue otherwise you cannot...

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This was a trip that had been planned for over a year, and Charles Sherwood and I were very excited. It started well; even Kenyatta airport was far better than arrivals at Liverpool John Lennon airport on a good day. Then I was delighted to discover we were going to...

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A FUTURE CHAMPION?Francesca Lee is a Keswick-based ski racer with big ambitions Recently George Fisher started giving some assistance to Francesca Lee, a very keen 13 year old ski racer who attends Keswick School. Francesca started skiing young and moved into racing relatively recently, but has been making quite an...

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