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Fisher's Favourite - Andy Beck

Today’s Fisher’s Favourite is artist Andy Beck Apart from  one of his O levels being in art, Andy has had no further formal art training. He lived and was educated in Northern Ireland, and often spent school holidays cycling around the Antrim Coast, stopping to sketch and paint.On leaving school...

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Fisher's Favourites - Max and Paddy

Today’s Fisher’s Favourite’s are Max and Paddy Out in the Lake District. The adventures of this pair of Springer Spaniels are posted online on their immensely popular Facebook and Instagram accounts. Search for ‘Max out in the Lake District’ The Facebook page was started by their owner, Keswick based locksmith,...

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Fisher's Favourite - Dr. Natalie Hawkrigg

Today’s Fisher’s Favourite is Natalie Hawkrigg. Natalie emigrated with her family to Australia when she was 16, and she studied for a medical degree at the University of Western Australia in Perth. During a gap year in 1997, Natalie met her husband, author and professional sports photographer, Steve Razzetti, and...

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Fisher's Favourites - Mark Richards

Sunday 17th September, and for Today's Fisher's Favourite we have Mark Richards. Today's Fisher's Favourite is Mark Richards. Mark Richards is a former farmer from the Cotswolds, in 1973, with the direct encouragement of Alfred Wainwright with whom Mark regularly spent weekends, he wrote his first walking guide to the...

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Fisher's Favourites - Julie Summers

It's the weekend! For our 16th Fisher's Favourite, we have Julie Summers. Julie is an author, historian, and broadcaster, whose most recent high profile work is the book Jambusters, which inspired the ITV drama Home Fires. Julie loves history, mountaineering, and rowing, and amongst her other ten books is "Fearless...

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Fisher's Favourites - Alaistair Humphreys

Friday 15th September, and for Today's Fisher's Favourite we have Alastair Humphreys. “Humphreys is clearly slightly bonkers and this is a wonderful thing” – Geographical Magazine Alastair Humphreys is a British Adventurer, Author and Blogger. He spent over 4 years cycling round the world, a journey of 46,000 miles through...

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Fisher's Favourites - Ron Kenyon

Our Fisher's Favourite for today is local living legend Ron Kenyon. Ron began climbing in 1965 and has gone on to make over 500 first ascents across the UK and assisted with numerous guide books, his first being in 1975 with Steve Wilson and more recently the Borrowdale Guide in...

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Fisher's Favourites - Adam Campion

Today's Fisher's Favourite is Adam Campion. Adam describes himself as a Marathon Running Mathematics Teacher, Husband, Dad, road and trail runner in the Keswick area, Cumbria, UK. Some cycling, and even the odd swim in the lake. Adam is also the event director for Keswick Parkrun, and has been instrumental...

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Fisher's Favourites - Jane

Today's Fisher's Favourite is staff member Jane.Originally from Colchester, she escaped north to Leicester to study 3D Industrial Design. Having lived on the Clyde coast, North Wales, the Cotswolds and then the Malvern area. She moved to the Lake District in the early 90's. She worked for five years at a marina in Bowness...

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