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Within mountaineering literature there has always been a morbid fascination with falling into crevasses, with Joe Simpson’s book Touching the Void dominating the genre since its publication in the late 1980s. This summer there was another unhelpful heatwave across the Western Alps. This had the effect of melting the snow...

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Fisher's Favourite - John Porter

Today's Fisher's Favourite is John Porter. John Porter was born in Massachusetts and he started climbing at the age of twelve, serving his apprenticeship in the White Mountains, Rockies, Cascades and Yosemite. He moved to the UK in the early 1970s to do postgraduate work at Leeds University where he...

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Fisher's Favourite - Vanessa Metcalfe

Today's Fisher's Favourite is Vanessa Metcalfe. Vanessa is the Tourism Manager for Keswick Tourism Association. Vanessa took up the role last year after managing Keswick’s Co-operative Bank for almost 10 years. Vanessa grew up in Grange-in-Borrowdale and has recently returned there after spells in Rosthwaite and Greystoke. A member of...

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Fisher's Favourite - John Manning

Today’s Fisher’s Favourite is John Manning. Yorkshire-man, long distance walker, and journalist, John reckons he has the best job in the world: walking, and writing about walking. He’s enjoyed both since his childhood, when he spent his spare time drawing and writing for home-spun magazines as well as school and...

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Fisher's Favourite - Jeff Ford

Today's Fisher's Favourite is Jeff Ford. Jeff lives amongst the Lake DIstrict Northern Fells, and is the Chairman at the Mountain Heritage Trust. He is a keen collector of mountaineering literature and ephemera as well as being a avid cyclist and walker.He has completed three rounds of the 214 Wainwrights,...

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Fisher's Favourite - Anita

Our 24th Fisher's Favourite is staff member Anita. Although a relative newcomer to George Fisher, Anita brings over 20 years of experience from the catering industry to her role as Store Supervisor. A keen walker outside of work, she has a passion for the fells too: "What a stunningly beautiful...

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Fisher's Favourite - Debbie Martin

Today’s Fisher’s Favourite is Debbie Martin. Debbie started running in 2002 to train for a local women’s 10K run. By 2004, she had ran her first marathon, and 3 years later her first ultra distance event. Debbie has represented Scotland and Great Britain in 100K and 24 hour races. In...

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Fisher's Favourites - Steve Birkinshaw

Today’s Fisher’s Favourite is Steve Birkenshaw Steve lives in Threlkeld with his wife Emma, and their three children. Steve describes himself as a fell runner, orienteer, and at work; a hydrologist. Steve is also the author of ‘There is No Map in Hell’. In 2014 Steve Birkinshaw took up the challenge...

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Fisher's Favourites - Alex and Flo

Today’s Fisher’s Favourite are Liz’s cousins Alex and Flo. Alex is Producer at the Bush Theatre in London. He’s also won awards as an independent producer and prior to the Bush worked for a production company, latterly putting on a play with David Tennant in the West End. Alex has...

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