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Lead Climbing – Esther Foster has some tips for starting out

Leading traditional (trad) rock climbs involves placing your own trad gear (nuts, cams, slings, etc) in the rock for protection as you climb. It is an intense experience, requiring high-level judgment skills, and often takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you fluctuate between enjoyment and anxiety, fear and...

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George Fisher ambassador ATHENA MELLOR has been testing the Montane Ineo Lite Pants

I’ve been wearing Montane’s Ineo Lite Pants for a couple of months now, and have logged numerous days of climbing, hiking, scrambling and running wearing them. Designed as a lightweight mountain legging, I’ve found the Ineo Lites perform incredibly well in the UK’s warm spring conditions as of late, and...

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Salomon Ambassador James Forrest

Meet Salomon Ambassador James Forrest. He used to live and work in the city but packed it all in to pursue a new mission – to make life more adventurous and climb as many mountains as possible. We caught up with James to find out what he is up to...

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LIGHTWAVE: The best tent company you've never heard of.

In 2002 a product designer had a big choice to make. Keep on working for the big brands, making a product that was constrained by commercial decisions, or strike out on his own, making kit that he really wanted to use himself. The man was Carol McDermott, a one-time climbing...

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George Fisher Ambassador MORVEN WALSH gets motivated for the year

Firstly, a huge hello to you all; this is a new experience for me, and I am delighted to be an Ambassador for George Fisher. I hope I do you all proud as I share my running adventures and training. What you need to know is that I am just...

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George Fisher Abraham's Tea Round by Victoria Rose Miller

This impromptu excursion happened when Neil Davies suggested meeting for a run, and left the route choice to me. My suggestion of an Abrahams Tea Round was met with a "Yep" (without the poor man quite knowing what he was agreeing to). Upon a little research, "Yep" turned to a...

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George Fisher Garmin InReach

11 FEBRUARY, 2019 OUTDOOR In May 2017, Canadian Jamie Junker set out with two friends – an Australian and another Canadian – to summit North Twin, Twins Tower, and South Twin in Alberta, Canada. The three experienced climbers and athletes were diligent in their meticulous preparations, but just one day...

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Katie Moore George Fisher staff Stance Socks Hood to Trail

Katie worked in Fishers in 1989, when we asked her what it was like, she came back to us and said 'I will have to shake out the memory a bit - it was back when George was still running the shop!' We got a bit excited and asked 'What...

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Abraham's Tea Round with George Fisher

I’ve had Abrahams Tea Round on the to do list for a while now so when the chance came up for a recce of the first two legs with George Fisher it was an opportunity not to be missed…. Abraham's Tea Round is a 30 mile with 12,000 feet of...

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