Image for article CLICK A LINK to SAVE A LIFELINE


Image for article CLICK A LINK to SAVE A LIFELINE

BT in their commercial wisdom want to remove the 'phone box at Seathwaite Farm in Borrowdale.

There is no mobile signal there, from any network provider.

Not surprisingly, Keswick Mountain Rescue Team and all right-thinking people are against this move.

As a line of communication in an emergency this 'phone has helped to save lives in the past ... and could continue to do so in future - but only if you, too, add your name to the list of objectors.

(You only have to read the testimonies on KMRT's excellent Facebook page from grateful users of this payphone to realise its worth - and its continuing value).

The link for you to add your voice is here: Allerdale Borough Council

Please let's get this nonsense stopped now and preserve a vital lifeline!

Thank you,



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