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Fjallraven Classic, Scotland.

Fjallraven have just announced their first U.K classic event. We joined them during the planning process to see what it's all about.
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Fisher Fit …what is it and why is it so important?

We see so many people on website forums saying ‘what are the best boots to buy?’ or ‘which jacket is the most waterproof?’ These forums or groups are great places to get advice like this and they can be very helpful, like asking a friend. A word of advice though,...

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Training for the Uphill Athlete. Review by Dave Troman

As a mountain runner and running coach, I spend much of my day either running, reading about running or thinking about running in one form or another. For those of us who spend their time in this bubble, there was a fair degree of anticipation while waiting for the release...

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Getting closer to Helvellyn

PETE BARRON, John Muir Trust Property Manager, gives an insight into this precious environment.
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HOKA Happiness

I love the HOKA Torrents, they have proved to be a great post-injury recovery shoe.
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High-Level Hanwags

Staff member ERIKA heads to the Zugspitze, courtesy of bootmakers Hanwag.
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The Bear Necessities

At the back of my mind I was mildly concerned at the prospect of encountering bears, wolves and the nasty-sounding horned viper, the most venomous snake in Europe, during a walking holiday through the wilds of Croatia. I need not have worried. Lakeland author Keith Richardson shares his latest KE Adventure...

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Which Watch?

Equipment and accessories buyer Jon Whickham on the latest tech wrist wear.
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Five ways to be more Eco-friendly on the trail

George Fisher ambassador Athena Mellor takes a wild camping trip to the Lake District and reflects on five ways to be more Eco-friendly on the trail.
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